4 Critical Workplace IT Installations You Should Know About

4 January 2022
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Many workplaces have an IT department to support and install certain tools, such as servers and printers. In many cases, companies may require external professional help to install and maintain the IT infrastructure. Here are some of the most important workplace IT installations you will need in a typical office environment.

Server Room

Servers allow for shared storage between computers on a network, allowing all users on that network to access shared files and folders. A good example would be a company that stores all its accounting data on one drive and lets each user access it on their respective computers. This also allows security measures like file permission levels and backups on external hard drives. For top-notch security, companies often will have a 'server room', which houses all the information contained in the servers. Also called a computer room, this temperature-controlled room is often locked to prevent unwanted access.

Phone System

The phone system provides internal and external communication by allowing employees to make and receive both inter-office and external calls. It can allow them to route calls internally through an automated attendant or receptionist who can direct the call depending on the extension dialed. A good phone system should also include voice mail services so employees do not miss important messages about meetings or other things. It can also be a one-stop service for external calls, allowing employees to input their destination phone number and have it automatically routed to the correct line, saving them time from dialing a different number every time they make internal or external calls.


Printers allow employees to print documents easily and quickly through direct connection with computers or Wi-Fi network access. In addition, companies benefit by having additional systems in place which allow them to control the printers remotely while providing monitoring solutions that help determine when toner is low or there has been a paper jam. With this type of IT installation, even if something goes wrong on an individual level, there is a backup plan to ensure all employees can still do their work and complete tasks on time.

Telephone Lines and Internet Connections

Another important workplace IT installation required in a functional office is the telephone lines and internet connections. These are some of the most crucial things an organization needs in order to function properly because it lets them communicate with clients, vendors, suppliers, and one another, as well as provide necessary resources such as email service or an online HR database. When outages happen due to incorrect wiring or other problems on either internal or external telephone line networks, productivity immediately plummets and companies lose money without having access to phone services.

The above-mentioned workplace IT installations are critical and should be well maintained. For professional maintenance, contact a reputable computer service near you.