4 Reasons To Use A Managed Data Backup Solution

21 September 2020
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Managed data backup solutions are systems that offload much of the burden of dealing with storing, archiving, and protecting your information to a third party. Thanks to reductions in costs over the last decade, they're available to organizations of all sizes and even individuals with data backup needs. If you're thinking about paying for managed data backup, here are four reasons why you may want to take the leap.

Professional Help

The majority of folks, even hardcore tech people, need to keep their minds on other tasks. Data backup isn't your business, and you'd rather not have to think about it daily. With the assistance of a professional services provider, you can relax knowing that a trained technician will handle all the basic problems. This means you'll never have to worry about things like software updates, hardware issues, network connectivity problems, or failed drives. Someone else deals with it, and they know what they're doing.

Consistency and Reliability

With a dedicated managed data backup system in place, you'll be able to trust the setup to consistently make backups and reliably provide copies. If you need to check for several older versions of a file, for example, you can look at the history for the file and see what the revisions look like. Maybe you accidentally hit delete and save almost at the same time and blanked a word processing document. Rather than depending on the application's most recent backup copy, you can go through all of the versions to find the one that you need.

Off-Site Storage

Keeping all of your data at one site, even if you have separate servers holding onto it, is an invitation to trouble. Cloud-based technologies make it much easier these days to keep your data on a third-party system. You'll still have all of the files you need locally, but the managed data backup software will maintain versions elsewhere. the off-site systems are built with massive redundancies so you can rest assured your data will survive even the most adverse of events.


Stuffing hard drives or SSDs into a server is a pain even for the most tech-savvy folks. Making new drives play nice with older ones is an even bigger challenge with local storage.

Conversely, modern managed data backup solutions are highly scalable. All you have to do is add more files to the off-site system, and it automatically accounts for the new demands. You never have to think about how much space you still have for backups.