4 Reasons Why You Should Build A Mobile App For Your Business

30 January 2018
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Direct Consumer Touch

One of the great things about custom apps for a business is the significant increase in customer touch afforded by always being just a swipe and tap away.  Your website will rarely be so easy to access, no matter how accessible and available it is.  This direct connection is very valuable and can be utilized in a variety of ways.  


Everyone likes more income.  Having your sales funnel in your customer's pocket is a great way to increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you.  It's easy, convenient and can be very fast.  If the app provides information, product benefits, comparisons and other additional functions, it only increases the sales volume even more.  All too often, customers use retail establishments as showrooms while they look up goods online.  Taking advantage of that by being the online source they go to is a great way to drive sales.


If a customer is engaged enough to download and install your app, you know you have their attention.  Marketing offers provided through apps can be customized due to the additional information usually available through apps and can even take advantage of the push notification feature of mobile operating systems, though this should be used with restraint.  Another benefit is that app data capture can allow you to fully understand your customers' engagement and responses to your offers.  How long they look at them, if they've scrolled, where they click — all these and more can be reported back to allow your marketing team to hone in on the exact marketing experience they want to offer.


Customer service is critical and often makes or breaks a company.  If the customer has a problem, you want to solve it as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible.  Mobile apps support those goals by being immediately available, being capable of offering many support options including knowledge bases, contact emails, and community forums and by increasing the opportunities for customers to self-serve at the point of frustration or failure.  For many items, the customer may need to see photos or videos to learn how to service, maintain, or use the item, and mobile apps bring that from the living room or office computer to wherever the customer is.  Additionally, the mobile app allows easy access for the customer to send images, video, scan barcodes, and provide other useful information to service agents.

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