3 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

24 August 2016
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Crowdfunding isn't easy. It seems like sharing a link for people to donate through would be simple, but getting people to donate their money can be extremely difficult. Some people never get a single donation while others manage to get thousands in just a couple of days. Find out some strategies for making the most of your crowdfunding campaigns and getting those donations in.

Transparency Is Key

People are more comfortable donating when the person who made the crowdfunding page is completely transparent. If you're vague at all about why you need the donations, people aren't going to be comfortable making donations. You need to be completely honest and heartfelt. Humans are visual creatures, and they respond much better if there are photos of the person that the money is going to. If the money is for medical bills, post a photo of the sick or injured individual. If it's to pay for damage to your home, post a picture of your damaged home. This will tug on heartstrings and raise your chances of getting donations.

Share Everywhere

One common mistake that people make is only sharing their campaign on Facebook. While it's important to give your friends and family a chance to donate, you need to get your information in the hands of empathetic strangers as well, especially if you don't have many Facebook friends. Make sure you share the link publicly on Facebook so your friends can share it too. Also, share on Twitter and use hashtags that will allow people to see your page when they browse different hashtags. Share your campaign in a YouTube video, on Reddit, and in your email signature.

Make sure you share your campaign offline as well. Print up fliers and hang them around town. You can ask local stores and restaurants to hang them on their boards. Make fliers with tear-tabs at the bottom where people can tear off the web address and look it up when they get home. If you are experiencing a serious tragedy, the local news might even do a public-interest story on your family and share the campaign information.

Show Appreciation

People like to feel appreciated for their good deeds. If people browse through your campaign and don't see you thanking donators or connecting with them in any way, they might get the wrong idea. Make sure you post an update after getting some donations and thank everyone who donated for being so kind. It's a small gesture to make after people donated their hard-earned money.

Crowdfunding campaigns are a great way to raise money after dealing with an emergency. Follow these tips when using secure online donation services, and you should receive some great donations.