Three Ways To Resolve Your iPhone's Wi-Fi Connection Issues

19 May 2016
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When you switch your iPhone to Wi-Fi mode, you expect a fast connection. If your results are lackluster and your router and connection aren't to blame, it's time to look at your phone. If you're struggling with poor reception or strength issues, there are things you can do to help boost your connection.

Perform A Hard Reset

While it is not exactly comforting to hear, there are a number of things that happen with cellphones that can't exactly be explained. However, a hard reset generally resolve these minor nuisances, so resetting your phone's network settings might resolve any signal issues you're experiencing.

A hard reset is basically a magic start-over button that forces all your settings to return back to the original manufacturer setting. To reset your iPhone, open the settings icon, tap general, scroll down until you see reset, and then select reset network settings.

Update Firmware  

When Apple releases a firmware update, it's not just a suggestion. It's best to always apply any updates offered by Apple, even if there are not complete iOS updates. The purpose of these updates is to resolve any issues that customers might be experiencing, which could very easily be a connection issue.

Updating to the latest firmware may automatically resolve your issues and restore your signal. Whenever you see your settings icon with a red notification on it, this is an indication that there is an update you need to apply.

Check Your Phone Case

To ensure your cell phone case isn't contributing to the problem, try to take the case off and test your connection. The average phone case is made from silicone rubber, plastic or TPU material, none of which cause interference with a Wi-Fi connection. However, if you have a case with any level of metal in it, such as a high-level protection case, the opposite is true.

The problem is that metal can block radio waves, including those being transmitted between your cellphone and your Wi-Fi router. After you remove the case and check the connection, if your connection improves, it's time to invest in a new case.

If you're still experiencing issues with your iPhone's Wi-Fi connection, it's time to have your phone looked at. A repair specialist can inspect your phone to ensure there isn't an internal software issue that could be causing the problem. Whatever the case, you can have the issue resolved and your connection restored. Contact a company like COMPUTER-ANSWERS for more info.