Give Your Employees Some Credit: What You Can Do Today To Prevent Credential Theft

16 March 2016
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Many business owners are increasingly worried about reports of massive credential theft. In the age when all major businesses stay current with technology to please their customers and maximize productivity, security becomes a more complex thing. Protecting internal data and ensuring that only authorized employees have access to sensitive information is integral to the ongoing success of any modern business. Take action today to prevent credential theft that could threaten your business.

Require Unique Passwords at Every Level

Make it standard company policy for employees to choose different passwords for all access levels within the workplace. For example, an employee should never use the same email password as they use to log-in to a separate scheduling system. Using the same username is okay, but even that may be varied to throw off would-be thieves who try to access one username and password and use it to get past multiple security levels. Ideally, instruct each employee to choose unique log-in usernames and passwords for each type of company account that they are able to access.

Install Threat Detection Software

No matter how many security rules you create to help ensure the privacy and security of your employees' credentials, some threats are probably inevitable. By installing intrusion detection software, you can nip any suspicious activity in the bud and look to see where potential security problems may lie within a business. This software will be able to reveal where any authentication based attacks are happening so you can discern the source of the problem and stop it before the attacks are successful. Be sure to announce that you are using this detection software, too, because that can deter would-be scam artists and save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

Make Sure Employees Log Off

Ensure that your customers log off when they are done with each task. If your employees share computers or sometimes borrow one another's workspace, this may be a strong concern for your company. If employees fail to log off after completing their work, their credential information may be easily accessed, and if their account contains sensitive data, that may be compromised immediately.

Finally, keep in mind that credential theft can be prevented in many cases with these proactive choices. Threat detection software goes a long way towards giving you peace of mind that your business will remain protected. With that worry off your mind, you can get back to focusing on your company's mission. For more information about your security options, visit websites like