4 Ways Cloud Services Can Impact Your Business

14 October 2021
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Cloud technology has transformed the way businesses access IT resources in a big way. Today, you don't have to spend huge amounts buying hardware or software. With a modest budget, a business can access the best tech resources on an as-needed basis. Cloud services can have big advantages for small businesses, including remote working, better disaster recovery, and reduced IT costs. Any business owner serious about remaining competitive should seriously look at leveraging cloud computing services because of their potential to impact the business in different ways: Read More 

Three Reasons You Should Invest In A Clocking Software For Your Business

3 August 2021
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One of the main challenges in running a business with multiple employees is keeping track of their work hours and calculating the payroll. If you are using the manual clocking system, you can attest to the above statement. For instance, manual clocking wastes a lot of time because you have to take all your employees' time cards and manually fill in the data in a spreadsheet before calculating the payroll. However, you can quickly solve the above problem by simply investing in clocking software. Read More 

Repairing Common Laptop Problems

26 May 2021
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For many individuals, their laptop can be one of their most important devices as they may use it for both work and entertainment. This can lead to a person experiencing major disruptions in the case that their laptop experiences a significant problem or malfunction. Dead Pixels and Other Screen Problems The screen of a laptop can be one of the components that will be the most vulnerable to suffering significant problems. Read More 

Is Your Computer Beyond Repair?

16 March 2021
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One of the biggest fears people have when they contact a computer repair business is that their machine will be beyond fixing. Fortunately, most modern computers use a highly modular design that makes it simple to swap components out and get things working. That's not always the case, but you should be able to tell in most instances. Here's how you can judge whether computer repair work is likely to be worthwhile. Read More